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Close Board Fencing Services in Ascot, Berkshire

Whether you are looking to install a new fence or repair the old one for aesthetics or enhanced privacy, S & B Fencing will meet all your fencing needs.

With a wide range of high-quality materials and fence designs, these professionals can help you install the ideal fence for your needs.

Close Board Fencing

Also known as feather edge board fencing, close board fencing is commonly tantalised for increased longevity. It’s considered a step up from conventional lap fencing, offering a more robust and better structural design. Close board fencing is commonly installed in public places where resilience and affordability are important factors.

This fencing design is installed on-site, and it’s ideal for sloped as well as irregular boundaries or fence lines requiring a high-quality effect. Slopes and gradients are accommodated without staggering panels to provide a complimentary fence line and top profile.

The standard fencing interval is 3m. This is economical because you will require fewer fence posts than panel fencing solutions. Close board fences are also less expensive to maintain because specific timber aspects are repairable and you will not need to replace the entire panels. Close board fencing posts are typically made of wood or concrete.

Close board fencing is feasible if your property borders a highway or public space. It can be installed in various sizes, ranging from 0.9 metres to 2.0 metres, depending on your property’s unique needs.

The standard practice has been installing close board fences with a standard level top. However, installing them with a concave or decorative convex profile for more ornate applications is still possible.

Fencing Repair Services in Ascot

An adequately maintained wooden fence can serve as an attractive frontier to your home for years. Our experts can make repair or replacement recommendations to fix up your fence if it’s damaged or starting to show signs of wear.

Affordable Fencing solutions

Besides installing an aesthetically appealing driveway fence that complements your home. While a fence is a vital part of your home, it shouldn’t cost you a fortune to install one.

The best fencing company in Ascot is the one that meets all your needs while sticking within your budget. This means using quality but affordable fencing materials.

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The complete range of fencing services includes domestic fencing, security fencing, commercial fencing, garden fencing, gate installations, agricultural fencing, and more.

By hiring the best fencing company in Ascot, Berkshire, you can rest assured that seasoned professionals are managing your project.

Fencing goes beyond installing your home’s frontier. Remember that your perimeter and driveway fences are part of your home’s overall design. Professional fencers will help you install a close board fence that’s complementary to your home’s style and design.


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