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Are you searching for a fencing solution that can tick all the boxes? Do you want to install a fencing type that delivers versatility and durability? Then, it’s time to take advantage of closeboard fencing.
When it comes to building a robust fence that will stand the test of time, closeboard fencing remains the top option among property owners. This fencing type is also referred to as closeboard and featheredge fencing.
It is constructed from overlapping vertical timber boards. These boards are nailed to the horizontal rails that run between the fence posts.
Have a close boarded timber fence installed by an experienced and skilful fencing company. By doing so, you can expect the fence’s longevity while sidestepping potential issues that come with common types of fences.
Why Install A Closeboard Fence 
Many people find pre-constructed fence panels easier or quicker to use. However, close boarded timber fence comes with more interesting advantages than panels and other fencing types, such as:
If your property has uneven or sloping ground, closeboard fencing is a perfect option. That is because rails and gravel boards can be fixed at an angle. Each board is then nailed level. Plus, the fence posts are spaced wider apart compared to panels.
Durability and Strength 
Closeboard fencing delivers rigid and highly durable structure, thanks to the pressure-treated boards and individually fixed componentry. So, you can enjoy its aesthetics and functionalities for a longer time.
Privacy and Security 
This solid fencing with no gaps provides additional privacy and security to your home. The fence is often six feet high, which offers the necessary privacy and enhanced security.
Timber is an ethically resourced and renewable material. It is comparatively cheaper when compared to traditional or modern materials like vinyl and wrought iron. In other words, they are a more cost-effective fencing solution than other fencing options out there. 
When constructing a closeboard fence, you can choose from different options. Depending on your aesthetics or lower maintenance needs, you can go for concrete gravelboards and posts or timber gravelboards and posts. 
You can also take advantage of different finishes for timber boards. Vanishes, stains, or paints are easily applied for waterproofing and beautiful looks. 
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