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Q: Who owns the fence between two houses?
A: There is no particular rule that a fence on the left or right is someone’s responsibility. It is always best to check the land registration. 
Q: How long does it take to put up a fence?
A: Installation times depend on the type of fencing, complexity, and quantity of work needed. 
Q: Does staining increase the life of a wood fence?
A: Staining, also called weatherproofing. It protects the fibres in the wood and the natural oils. For example, if you don’t stain your wooden fence, it will turn grey with time. 
Q: Do you have a guarantee for the fence installation and repairs?
A: We guarantee our workmanship for one year from the installation date. 
Our warranty covers movement or settling within the first year. We will always act accordingly to resolve any matters up to customers satisfaction. 
Q: How high can the fence be without planning permission?
A: The maximum fence height without planning permission is 2 metres. If you have a trellis on top of your fence, it should not exceed 2 metres again. However, we advise that you check the local planning permissions for your area.
Q: Can I get a free estimate for fence installation?
A: Absolutely, our quotations are written and sent via email. 
Q. Do you supply estimates and contracts in writing?
A. Yes, there’s always a written record of our work, including estimates. 
Q. Do you hire any subcontractors?
A. No, our entire team works in-house for S & B Fencing. We have assembled an experienced and skilled team able to handle any fencing project. 
Yes, you can see some of our previous projects on the website or our Instagram page. 
Q. Can we choose our installation date?
Yes, you can. We can work around you and book a date that is convenient for you. 


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