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Top 5 Sunningdale Garden Fencing Tips

Due to its gorgeous, natural aesthetic, low-maintenance, long-lasting wood fences are a favourite choice for many homes and business owners.

The options are unlimited to meet your individual requirements. Still, as with any fencing project, there are several things to consider before getting started.

Determine the Purpose of Your Fence

The most important item to consider is how you plan to use your enclosed space, from setting a property line and limiting access to creating visual solitude.

Are you looking for a way to keep your pets and children safe in your yard? Do you want to establish a fun zone in your home? Is pool safety your top priority?

You might be able to choose the exact specs more readily for your project once you’ve determined the function of your fence.

Finishes and Materials

There are no weather-proof or maintenance-free woods hence, it’s critical to study the different types of wood to better comprehend their upkeep requirements.

Pine, redwood, cedar, bamboo, and numerous treated wood types are popular. Consider using a protective UV finish, stain, or paint to decrease deterioration caused by wind, rain, heat, and light.


Picket split rail and privacy fences are the most common forms of wood fences in Ascot. These fences are popular in urban and suburban regions because they are considered friendly to create boundaries.

Split rail fences, which employ natural, unfinished logs instead of posts, have a more rustic appearance. These are better suited to rural locations and more significant properties.

By providing extremely little distance between slats, privacy fences give the illusion of a separate space.

This style of wood fence is popular in suburban and urban regions where residents want greater privacy from their neighbours, passers-by, or if they live near a busy road.

Additional Factors to Think About

You should think about things like utility, walkway, and gate access, natural landmarks and topographical elements, and possible wind and water.

When picking a new wood fence, keep in mind your neighbours and your property line. You may be compelled to share the details of your fence project with your neighbours or HOA in some cases, but you may choose to share your ideas with your neighbours out of goodwill in other cases.

Inquire about covenants that regulate the look, height, and material with homeowners, neighbourhood associations, and local building code officials.

According to city and neighbourhood guidelines, the better-looking side of a fence (the side that doesn’t display posts and rails) should be situated toward the public face of the property.

Inquire about how far back a wall should be placed on your property. A fence must be put back 2 to 8 inches from sidewalks and property lines in most cases. Also, check to see if your fence project would necessitate a construction permit.

Landscaping can be utilized to shield your home from the elements, as well as to demarcate property limits. Plantings should be layered to create nooks where people might not be able to see your house or another section of the yard.

Keep in mind that such living walls may be covered by municipal building codes and neighbourhood fence rules. You also must make sure that the planted materials don’t outgrow the constraints in the future.

Plan at least two paths into a walled area for safety and convenience. Make sure one of these can fit hefty outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers and huge garbage cans. Gate locations can be marked with steppingstones, pergolas, and other aesthetic components.

A stunning entry to any yard is a traditional white picket fence combined with a matching arbour and gate.

Allow a little extra money in your fence budget to incorporate your personal flair into the project. Customize your fence with decorative posts or finials after it’s up and running. Depending on the style of your property, you might want to paint the fence a modern colour.

Consider planting a row of flowers in front of it for a genuinely welcome facade. To create a wall of living colour, mount plant hanger hooks to a wood fence and insert pots potted with annuals.

Mix different styles of fences if money is a concern. Wood picket fencing, for example, might be installed in front of the house and connected to chain link fencing in the back.

This combination fence might save money on installation and reduce the amount of the fence that needs to be repainted. Incorporating a variety of fencing materials and styles into the environment also adds interest.

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